Roll Forming Line

Roll forming line, which is fundamental equipment in the steel industry, formsa steel coil sheet into the profile such as guardrails, solar frames, sound proof panels, safety foot, cable trays, punching trays, swage beams, roofing panels, window rails LED-light covers, interior and exterior construction material and all kind of channels. The range of production can’t be limitedand it can also produce new materials for new industries in the further.

The structure of Roll forming line

There are different types of Roll forming machines.
The Plate-fixedtype is the exclusive use machine to produce only one kind of profile and the stand roll-replacing type
that is able to replace the rolls comfortably to produce other profiles.
The cassette-change type makes replacement of rolls more quickly than the stand roll-replacing type to prepare for production.

The number of forming stand is decided depending on the shape of profiles and the fly-cutting machine cutting formed profiles is designed as the ball-screw type
or the rack-gear according to the production capacity.

We, Roll forming company limited, customizes and constructsa various types of roll forming lines including standard type,
hydraulic press type, Cs-Press, Width-adjustable type and etc.